A Beginner’s Guide to Rotary Basket Parts Washers

A Beginner’s Guide to Rotary Basket Parts Washers

Many different industrial cleaning solutions offer unique qualities and benefits. At JAYCO Cleaning Technologies, we provide a variety of industrial cleaning machines, from ultrasonic cleaning equipment to stainless steel cabinet washers. We also offer rotary basket parts washers, partnering with MAFAC to combine German technology with JAYCO’s advanced process knowledge. In today’s blog post, JAYCO Cleaning Technologies offers a beginner’s guide to rotary basket parts washers. 

What Are Rotary Basket Parts Washers? 

The functionality of rotary basket parts washers is right there in the name. These machines use rotating baskets to wash parts through spray-flood technology. The rotation is the key to success. Rotation enables every inch of every part to be covered, and the motion works to clean difficult parts with odd shapes or larger pieces. These types of parts are ideal for use in the MAFAC PALMA and MAFAC JAVA. Rotary basket parts washers provided by JAYCO Cleaning Technologies also use double-sided ultrasonic technology during the flooding process to get rid of hard-to-reach particles, dirt, and grime. 

Why Are Rotary Basket Parts Washers Important? 

Not all parts are easy to clean. Some parts are too large for standard parts washers, while some parts come in shapes that are difficult to work with. For these parts, using the right technology is crucial to ensure a comprehensive clean. The spray flood technology of rotary basket parts washers combines with the ultrasonic cleaning technology provided by MAFAC to ensure that even the most difficult parts receive a thorough washing. These machines also save businesses countless hours of labor. The MAFAC JAVA is a perfect example of this. The JAVA significantly contributes to the reduction of secondary process times with its high-performing, quick-draining operation. Hard-to-clean parts are challenging to wash for a reason. The technology of rotary basket parts washers makes the process easier. 

Who Uses Rotary Basket Parts Washers? 

Many industries utilize rotary basket parts washers. At JAYCO, we provide four unique MAFAC models that come equipped with specialized features that benefit a range of industries. The PALMA and JAVA are perfect for higher volume loads and larger parts, while the ELBA and KEA are more compact machines. Among the many industries that utilize these machines are the automotive, aviation, and medical fields. 

Contact JAYCO Cleaning Technologies for More Information 

If your business is looking for a parts cleaning solution, rotary basket parts washers might be what you need. For more information on the machines provided by JAYCO, get in touch with us at (513) 737-9600 or contact us online today. 

Jay Nawani

Jay Nawani