Blog Post Instructions (Unpublish Later)

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Hey! Here’s how to make a blog post look awesome for JAYCO Chemical Solutions. Start with an introduction paragraph, and then break it up into headlines and short paragraphs similar to what you see below. Remember to enter your focus keyphrase and meta description below this post in Yoast.

Featured Image Instructions

Here is a link to the featured image template in Canva. The full blog post title does not go or display well here. Go for something shorter and catchy to summarize what the post is about. Head to Canva, edit the photo, download, rename and remember to tag all of your images with target keywords, questions or descriptive phrases of the image in the alt text while uploading them to posts.

Set your image as the featured image on the right hand side of WordPress (under Post) and the way this programmed and developed will do the rest to display the image in appropriate places through the site (i.e. at the top of each post, content grids, archives).


  • Make sure to input your focus keyword, meta title and meta description using Yoast below the post.
  • Check the URL for the post is not too long and modify if needed. 70 characters is the max recommendation here. 
  • Always CHANGE your URL slug if you duplicated or cloned a pre-existing post. 
  • It’s also a good idea to make smart use of anchor links to other pages and articles on the site. 
  • Double check your blog post category selection under Post on the right hand side of WordPress – avoid the use of Uncategorized (JAYCO Chem Updates is a good default along with other determined categories)

Preview Your Work Before Hitting Publish

Get a second look when you’re unsure. And that’s all for now! Blog design is important and we’re continuously learning and improving our process. Questions? Email