Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Break traditional limitations of single-function machines with technology that combines vacuum dry cleaning and rinsing in one machine.

In order to prevent failure of critical hydraulic or pneumatic systems, absolute cleanliness is a necessity.

The latest MAFAC machines from JAYCO dramatically increase the efficiency of the part cleaning process with technology that combines innovative design with essential technologies like ultrasonics, high-pressure spray plus flood cleaning in one integrated cleaning system. Vacuum drying blended with cleaning and rinsing creates one powerful machine to remove contaminants on parts of any shape. While JAYCO experts primarily recommend MAFAC machines for this industry, all manufactured parts cleaning solutions are based on an entire system approach to address specific requirements of each application.

Hydraulics & Pneumatics Applications

  • Hydraulic manifold blocks
  • Valve components
  • Pump and motor components
  • Accumulators
  • Connectors | Couplings | Fittings
  • Aircraft hydraulic components
  • Cylinder bodies and fittings

Key Features

  • Ultrasonic | Spray + Flood | Spray only cleaning
  • Integrated Impulse Air | Hot Air | Vacuum Drying
  • Drying via rotary nozzles to improve process times
  • Rotary basket cleaning combined with counter-rotating spray manifolds for unmatched performance and improved process times
  • Inbuilt oil separators and demisters
  • Advanced automation with process control and available data logging
  • Rugged construction


The dual wash tank technology, in combination with unique process technologies, offers a wide range of options for efficient pre- and post-treatment processes.


Ideal for large parts or high volume production where critical cleaning is essential. Modifications can include the addition of a third tank for another rinsing bath.

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