Optics & Ceramics

Achieve exceptionally detailed ultrasonic cleaning to ensure the accuracy of data acquired through microscopic, telescopic spectrographic, interferometric, and other optic devices.

Elma’s precision ultrasonic technologies from JAYCO provide highly efficient cleaning processes for applications in precision optics and ceramic environments.

Manual & Automated Precision Ultrasonic Cleaning Lines | Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks
Precision optics and ceramics manufacturers rely on advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems developed specially by Elma to meet their most challenging applications. The basis for this is the ultrasonic cleaning technology developed by Elma. In fine cleaning or ultra-fine cleaning respectively before surface coating (ready-for-coating cleaning) as well as during intermediate cleaning (ready-for control cleaning), modular X-tra line and customer-specific ultrasonic cleaning systems from Elma prepare optics for further processing. Together with our customers, our experts also develop optimally adapted cleaning processes, which are tailored to the different material compositions of optics.

Precision Optic & Ceramic Applications

  • Specialty optical glasses of all types
  • Fused silica
  • Crystals
  • Precision ceramics
  • Medical ceramic implants

Key Features

  • Precision tank design and construction
  • Advanced cleaning processes
  • Multi-frequency ultrasonics
  • Precision-clean automation with HEPA enclosures
  • HEPA Air | IR | Vacuum Drying

Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems for Precision Optics

Ready-for-inspection and ready-for-coating cleaning with customized and modular ultrasonic cleaning lines.

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