Stainless Steel Cabinet Washers

Available in multiple sizes and configurations, JAYCO Cabinet Washers are suitable for a wide range of industrial cleaning applications. Units can be customized and configured to meet unique, customer specific requirements.

JAYCO Cleaning Technologies offers an extensive range of Stainless Steel Cabinet Washers for industrial parts cleaning. Applications include new production parts as well as MRO.

All Cabinet Washers feature a rugged stainless-steel construction including stainless steel pumps allowing for service even for most challenging applications. An extensive range of sizes, configurations, options, accessories and custom features is available.


Choose from Compact, Single, Multi, and Special.



Compact top-loading spray cabinet washers available in turn-table sizes from 20” to 35”. All stainless steel construction and a powerful drive unit. Most versions available in single or dual pump configurations. Available configurations include options for rinse stage, hot air or compressed air dry, oil skimming and filter units. Suitable for aircraft and automotive engine components, rebuild parts, small castings, and many other applications.


Elevated spray pressure and temperature, combined with a high flow of the washing solution, enhances the mechanical cleaning action of the water-based solution. The high temperature also reduces the drying time of the components after the wash cycle. All washers feature heavy duty, all stainless steel construction, vertical electrically operated doors for quiet, reliable and rugged functionality. Multiple sizes, configurations, and options available to meet individualized applications.


  • Aviation and Aerospace: both production and MRO
  • Metalworking industry
  • Automotive, rail and marine maintenance


JAYCO multi-stage washers are primarily used in the machine working industry for a multi-stage process of cleaning and rinsing machined components before assembly, painting, and heat treating. Additional applications for special variations of the Multi include parts cleaning in the aerospace/aviation and the rail industries. All Washers feature heavy duty, all stainless steel construction and feature a heat insulated enclosed cleaning chamber with one or two mechanically driven lifting doors, rotating spray system and a tank system with an automatic refill function. A load platform or a load trolley is placed in front of the cleaning machine for the loading and unloading phases. The machines can feature two or three liquid tanks, rinsing fixtures, drying with a fan or with a cold or hot air blast, and automated transport systems. The machines can also be supplied with a reciprocating spray system. Such systems are used in situations where the length of the components to be cleaned is much longer than their width.


  • Heat treat parts
  • Large parts and castings before final assembly
  • Aviation and aerospace: both production and MRO
  • Automotive, rail and marine applications


When going beyond the standard range is needed, JAYCO can modify standard Single and Multi series systems or create entirely custom-made cleaning systems for your unique application. These modifications allow for precise external and internal cleaning of complicated components and for special processes requiring a customized approach.

Intended for:

  • Components that do not fit in a standard machine due to their weight and/or size
  • Washing very large parts used in aerospace, wind turbine, railway, marine engines and for other special applications
  • When handling very large and heavy components weighing up to 50,000 Pounds
  • When additional automation, such as an automatic conveyor system, is required

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