X-tra Line Series by Elma

Standard Modular Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

The basis of the modular cleaning systems are our X-tra Series individual units with multi-frequency technology. They enable multiple combinations of various devices for cleaning, rinsing and drying in order to create the optimum cleaning process. Follow-on extensions of the system, changes or adjustments in the process are also possible at a later date.

An extensive range of options such as vacuum dryers, filter units, oil separators, chemical dosing units, conductivity controls and water treatment systems can also be easily integrated and retrofitted. For automated cleaning processes, X-tra line systems are equipped with a transport robot system. An Industrial PC (IPC) based control architecture allows precise control and display of all process parameters and additionally permits full process data logging.

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Xtra Series Products

X-tra Line Series by Elma Highlights

Multiple drying technologies either singularly or in combination are configured in the X-tra modular lines for efficient and fast drying of critical components:

  • Hot Air Drying (With or without HEPA filtration)
  • Infra Red Drying
  • Vacuum Drying
  • Medical Implants, Instruments & Devices
  • Precision optical components
  • Precision machined parts for critical applications
  • Aerospace and semiconductor components
  • Parts for critical analytical instrumentation
  • Laser components
  • Valves & Fittings
  • Flexible – Modular systems, custom configured for your critical cleaning tasks
  • User-friendly operation
  • Traceable, reproducible and validatable cleaning processes with data logger, RFID / barcode systems and optional connection to MES or your own IT system
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Modular and standard configurations facilitate extreme ease of maintenance.