Precision Optical Cleaning

Our deep understanding of precision optical parts cleaning
provides the best solution for you - no guesswork, just results.

Precision Optical Cleaning Process

Jayco has been delivering certified cleaning systems for over 15 years to some of the leading OEM and Tier 1 optical component manufacturers in North America.

  • Final Cleaning
  • Infrared Drying
  • Cleaning Prior to Coating
precision optical cleaning system
precision optical cleaning

Precision Optical Components

Jayco has experience with providing proven cleaning solutions that meet strict specifications for final clean before coating application and assembly.

  • Lenses, mirrors, windows and filters
  • Germanium optics
  • Sapphire optics
  • Quartz
  • IR optics and assemblies
  • Laser optics

Manufacturing Soils

We've cleaned practically all traditional and emerging manufacturing process soils used to produce lenses, mirrors, and other optical components.

  • Particulates, dust, fingerprints
  • Polishing abrasives
  • Buffing compounds
  • Pitch, wax, glues
  • Aluminum & cerium oxide
precision optical cleaning process

Featured Customer

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Edmund Optics (Optical Manufacturing)

Edmund Optics chose Jayco to invest in a fully automated & validated final cleaning processes for their lenses and mirrors.

The Jayco system uses ultrasonic cleaning which implodes bubbles, cleaning dirt and other contaminants off of optics like lenses and mirrors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is precision optical cleaning equipment, and why is it essential for optical components?

Precision optical cleaning equipment is a specialized system designed to clean optical components, such as lenses, mirrors, and prisms. These systems are crucial because even minor contaminants can degrade the performance of optical systems,
leading to reduced clarity and accuracy.

What contaminants can affect optical components, and how does precision optical cleaning equipment address them?

Common contaminants on optical components include dust, fingerprints, smudges, oils, and environmental particles. The Elma X-tra precision optical cleaning system employs methods such as ultrasonic cleaning to remove these contaminants without scratching or damaging the delicate surfaces of optics.

Can optical cleaning systems be used for both laboratory-grade optics and commercial devices like cameras and lenses?

Yes, Elma precision optic cleaning equipment is suitable for a wide range of optical components, from laboratory-grade optics used in research and scientific applications to commercial optics found in cameras, telescopes, microscopes, and eyeglasses.

What safety precautions should be taken when using precision optical cleaning equipment?

Users should follow safety guidelines provided by the equipment manufacturer, which often include wearing gloves, protective eyewear, and working in a clean environment to
prevent the introduction of new contaminants during cleaning. Additionally, users should be cautious when handling cleaning solutions and chemicals.

Are there specific cleaning solutions or chemicals recommended for use with precision optical cleaning equipment?

Yes, precision optical cleaning equipment is compatible with Jayco Chemical optical cleaning solutions that are designed specifically for cleaning precision optics. The solutions are gentle on delicate optics while effectively removing contaminants.