Precision Optical Cleaning Systems

Cutting edge engineering for the highest level of performance and reliability

The Difference Is Clear

JAYCO’s lineup of neutral detergents, alkaline detergents, acidic cleaners and near-neutral in-process cleaning solutions provide the high-quality clean you can count on. We know results matter: Our chemistries are developed based on our experience with precision cleaning equipment.

JAYCO optics cleaner solutions

Precision Optical Cleaning Systems

Our modular ultrasonic cleaning equipment is specifically designed and configured for you to meet strict specifications for final clean before coating application and assembly of components takes place. 

Range of components cleaned:
  • Lenses, mirrors, windows and filters
  • Germanium optics
  • Sapphire optics
  • Quartz
  • IR optics and assemblies
  • Laser optics

Our Systems Feature

  • Fully modular construction with five to 12 process stages

  • Various standard sizes and capacities are available

  • Modules include washing | rinsing | lift-out | hot air drying with HEPA | vacuum drying

  • Ancillaries: fine filtration, chemical dosing, conductivity control, basket oscillation

  • Full system automation

  • System enclosures with HEPA filtration

  • Batch visibility and traceability from beginning to end

  • Highest reliability in the industry

  • Easy, uncomplicated maintenance

Alkaline Chemistries

remove polishing compounds, cerium oxide, alumina oxidea and other media

Neutral Chemistries

remove light contamination and fingerprints

Special Chemistries

clean sensitive glass and critical optical materials

Unique Formulations

remove pitch, polishing compounds, wax, ink and other residues

Reduce Water Consumption

Compatible with JAYCO chemistries featuring surface active technology, our formulations enhance contamination removal by improving ultrasonic transient cavitation.

Free-rinsing attributes reduce DI water consumption.

water savings

Clean Optics and Optical Components Flawlessly

Combine our industry-leading equipment with advanced JAYCO chemistries. Our unique and patented surface active technology provides the highest quality and unbeatable results.

Our eco-friendly, sustainable products are safe for the environment and the professionals working with them. We aim for the highest level of safety and performance.