Aqueous Cleaners
for Critical Parts

Our deep understanding of aqueous cleaners, parts washers,
and parts cleaning processes delivers the best results for you.

Aqueous Cleaning Solutions Engineered for
Unmatched Consistently Clean Parts

Jayco’s cutting-edge cleaning chemistries are designed to achieve superior outcomes with safe, highly effective solutions. We have over 35 parts cleaning solutions and detergents for use across a wide range of applications and industries. Our advanced technologies are helping companies improve their cleaning efficacy and processes so they can leave outdated methods where they belong – in the past.

Matchless Support and Training

We prioritize exceptional support and comprehensive training for our customers in order to provide the best experience possible as a member of the JAYCO family.

Maximum Efficacy

Our innovative chemistries are not only safe and sustainable but offer unparalleled performance through patented formulations. The result? Dependable performance every time. 

Solutions for Any Industry

With dozens of eco-friendly chemicals to choose from, our products can be used for optics, medical devices, industrial parts, mass finishing and more.