In every market, precision cleaning for manufactured industrial parts is crucial for a safe, productive work environment.

Quality products must be free from contaminants that could adversely affect the end application and user. Partnering with JAYCO positively affects the cleaning process for your unique situation. Our areas of expertise include the following industries.


World-class manufacturers of orthopedic and musculoskeletal implants, surgical instruments, and medical devices rely on our precision cleaning systems, passivation lines, and ultrasonic cleaning tanks to achieve amazing results.

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Manufacturers of powertrain components, gears, brake components, steering systems, pistons, fuel injection, suspension systems, HVAC components, and bearings used in automotive, construction and agricultural vehicles rely on our innovative, efficient, and rugged parts cleaning systems to deliver parts meeting stringent cleaning specifications.

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Optics & Ceramics

High-precision cleaning on substrates of optical glass, fused silica, crystals, glass ceramics, and precision ceramics for applications including laser, medical technology, defense and security, semiconductor, and measurement and scanning.

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Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Customers choose our unique and unmatched capabilities for precision cleaning and thermal deburring of hydraulic manifold blocks, valve components, pump and motor parts, cylinders, accumulators, and hose connectors and fittings.

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Aerospace & Aviation

Guarantee the best possible performance of aircraft in flight and on the ground with correctly cleaned engine components, aerospace fasteners, hydraulic and control components, and fuel injection parts.

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Precision Machined Parts

High-quality and volume manufacturers of precision machined parts in stainless steel, alloy steel, brass, aluminum and die-cast materials rely on our advanced, innovative and efficient cleaning technologies to meet stringent industry standards - efficiently.

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Technical Consultations

Before you buy, confirm you have selected the best machine for your application by contacting a JAYCO engineer.

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