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Move forward with leading-edge, modular equipment and leave downtime behind

Maximize Cleaning Uptime

Maximize Cleaning Uptime

Next Generation Cleaning Technology

Next Generation Cleaning Technology

Receive Unparalleled Support

Receive Unparalleled Support

The Cost of Old Equipment is enormous.

  • Parts are not cleaned effectively, leading to rejects and inferior quality.
  • Too much downtime means delivery problems and production losses.
  • Stringent specifications aren't being met, which means problems with customers and regulatory requirements. 
If you're currently nodding your head to any of these, you’re not alone.

You shouldn’t have to take the blame for outdated cleaning equipment.

We understand that in industries like medical, optics, aviation and hydraulics, high performance and precision cleaning are critical. When you have the reliable equipment you need, you don’t have to worry about falling behind on production, inefficient cleaning and other negative consequences that are beyond your control. With JAYCO Cleaning Technologies, you can depend on precision, knowledge and service that goes beyond expectations. Our expertise in industrial parts washing exceeds any other company in the market.

Count on Jayco Cleaning Technologies:

  • Next generation cleaning technology
  • Advanced cleaning equipment with integrated vacuum drying
  • Advanced data-tracking capabilities
  • Highly responsive customer support
  • Best warranties in the industry
  • Unmatched precision industrial parts washing capabilities


Customer Support

More Than
Cleaning Chemistries

Bringing Automation to Industrial Parts Cleaning Systems

JAYCO Cleaning Technologies is helping companies leave behind outdated equipment that fails to deliver dependable results. Our cutting-edge, automated systems reduce bottlenecks in your processes and make uptime something you can count on. 


Advanced Cleaning Technology, Unmatched Results

JAYCO offers a comprehensive range of ultrasonic cleaning systems, from individual tanks to multi-stage modular cleaning lines.

Our patented rotary basket integrated cleaning systems with integrated vacuum drying and cleaning technology provide unprecedented capabilities and efficiencies.

With highly advanced cleaning chemistries formulated for any application, you can depend on performance and safety with every batch.

What is the true cost of downtime for your organization?

Between time-consuming manual processes, labor shortages and old equipment, downtime costs companies millions of dollars each year (and an incredible amount of frustration). 

Delaying upgrades will continue to eat away at profits, employee retention and your reputation. Can you afford to keep running outdated systems?