Vacuum Assisted
Clean + Dry™ Technology

Modern technology that delivers superior cleaning
results for complex parts with fine features.

Clean & Dry Hard to Reach Areas
Easily with Vacuum Assist

If you are manufacturing complex parts with fine features, you've likely struggled with getting your parts thoroughly clean and dry.  Vacuum assisted clean & dry technology makes the job easy.

  • Small or blind holes
  • Complex fine features
  • 3D printed parts
  • Failing part cleanliness specifications
  • Multiple washes leading to long cycle times
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Vacuum Assisted Clean + Dry
Technology for

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    Thoroughly Clean

    Vacuum assist allows the wash and rinse baths to reach every crevice.

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    Dry Spot Free Features

    Drying is sped up while the vacuum pulls water off the surface.

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    Lower Drying Temperatures

    Temperature sensitive material can be dried without damage.

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    Cool to the Touch

    No need to wait for the part to cool before handling or the next process.

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    Meet Spec w/o Over-Cleaning

    Faster cycle times as you don't need to run longer and multiple cycles to hit spec.

vacuum assisted clean dry part

How Vacuum Assist Works

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Wash Cycles

Modulating vacuum during the wash cycle allows cleaning solution to reach fine areas lifting soils and particulates out thru mechanics and chemistry.

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Rinse Cycles

Modulating vacuum during the rinse cycle allows rinsing solution to reach fine areas flushing out any remaining cleaning solution and particulates.

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Drying Cycle

A vacuum is drawn, lowering the evaporation temperature of the remaining rinse solution.  The force from the vacuum also pulls water out of hard to reach areas.

Featured Customer

MAFAC Java at Micron

Micron Manufacturing (Precision Parts)

Micron chose Jayco to invest in a space-saving MAFAC Java rotary basket parts washer with conveyer.

We've run various test parts through the new system. These early results are fantastic, and indicate the system will deliver both a higher cleanliness standard and great time savings. Visually, the cleaned parts come out bright and shining, dry and free of chips.