Vapor Degreasing vs
Ultrasonic Cleaning

Find out how Jayco's vacuum assisted rotary basket parts washers
can make the switch away from vapor degreasing easy.

Cleanliness Levels
and Aging Equipment

Are the headaches of nPB and TCE causing you to consider vapor degreasing vs ultrasonic cleaning and whether you can make the switch? You know that aging and leaky open top vapor degreaser you have isn't helping either.

aging vapor degreaser
worker safety vapor degreasing

Worker and Environment Concerns

Proper ventilation, personal protection equipment, and disposal minimizes the risk to worker safety but all it takes is one mistake to cause an injury or harm to the environment.  Why not eliminate those risks with aqueous parts cleaning?

Regulatory Risks

No one wants to make the change, but we all feel the headwinds are against open top solvents.  The EPA and states are targeting them more aggressively than ever and who knows when you may suddenly be regulated from using your solvent.


Why Jayco Rotary Basket Parts Washers
Make Switching from Vapor Degreasing

  • ultrasonics-green


    Parabolic reflector for optimal cleaning efficiency.

  • spray-green

    Targeted Spray

    Patented rotating, multi-sided spray with counter-rotating basket.

  • guage-green

    Vacuum Assisted Cleaning Process

    Cleaning under vacuum for ultra fine part features.

  • footprint-green

    Small Footprint

    Compact yet powerful. Up to 3 tanks for clean and rinse.

  • dry-green

    Vacuum Drying

    Fast and thorough drying of ultra fine part features.

  • automation-green


    Compact conveyer for one or multiple parts washers.  Automatic chemical dosing.

  • 24-7-green


    Average 98.9% uptime.  Responsive service and USA stocked parts to keep you running.

Considering switching from open top vapor degreasing?
Here are some options to consider and how they stack up against each other.

KEY:  +++ = best

Open Top Vapor Degreaser Vacuum Vapor Degreaser Traditional Aqueous Ultrasonics Rotary Basket Washer
Chemical Cost++++++++
Equipment Cost++++++
Operational Costs++++++++
Worker Safe++++++++++
Environmentally Friendly++++++++++
Small Footprint++++++++
Ultra Fine Feature Cleaning++++++++
Quick Drying++++++++++
Residue Free Drying++++++++++++
Material Compatibility++++++++++
Wide Range of Soil Removal++++++++++
Low Reporting Overhead+++++++++
Risk of Regulatory Elimination+++++++++
Energy Efficiency++++++++