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Spray & Immersion Cleaning – Perfectly Combined

Our PALMA model combines spray, immersion and ultrasonic cleaning to deliver the perfect rotary basket parts washer for the ultimate in Single Chamber – Rotary Basket cleaning technology. This machine features a patented rotating multi-side spray system that precision cleans and dries even the most challenging parts.

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MAFAC parts cleaning machines product line

The MAFAC PALMA is the 6th machine from the left as photographed above in our product lineup.


  • The patented Rotating Hot Air Drying System offers energy efficiency and up to 21% faster drying.
  • Servo motor basket drive system permits easy to use basket rotation, counter-rotation, precision oscillation (settable in 10 increments) or for precision components – keep the basket stationary and allow the rotating spray manifold to clean and dry parts.
Standard Features
  • Patented rotating, multi-sided spray system with counter-rotating basket receptacle system. A special nozzle arrangement ensures consistent and reliable cleaning results
  • Combined rotating hot air impulse blowing and hot air drying system
  • Front loading with vertical sliding door and loading table
  • Spray cleaning and immersion cleaning in a single chamber
  • Large holding tanks with cascaded design for a long useful bath life
  • Full immersion possible in the main cleaning chamber during Wash / Rinse cycles
  • Window in the cleaning chamber allows observation of the cleaning process
  • Large holding tanks with cascaded design for a long useful bath life
  • Base unit suitable for basket envelope: 24” x 16” x 11”
    Optional: 26” x 18” x 13.5”
  • Large Removable basket filter for collecting coarse dirt particles (150 microns) in the return flow from the cleaning/rinsing process
  • Separate tank heating system with digital temperature control
  • Steam extraction with condensation and mist separator
  • Powerful coalescing oil separator with maximum monitoring of the oil collection tank
  • Automatic liquid level control
  • Water contact components made of stainless steel / plastic
  • Easy-to-use MAFAC MAVIATIC touch panel
Optional Features
  • Vacuum drying
  • Ultrasonic cleaning system including parabolic reflector for optimum efficiency of the ultrasonic waves
  • VAP system. Offers cleaning under vacuum for ultra fine cleaning applications.
  • Particulate filtration with filter bags or filter cartridges
  • Speed control for basket rotation including rocking motion
  • Speed control of nozzle rotation
  • Automatic chemicals dosing
  • Draining pump
  • Manual roller conveyor
  • Automatic transfer system
  • Modem for remote maintenance of the control system
  • Frequency-controlled pump pressure
  • Higher pressure and flow rate pump systems (up to 225 psi)
  • Larger versions and additional options on request