J6 Industrial Cleaning

JCS Series

Large or custom configured Ultrasonic Cleaning System

For applications where one of our Modular – Standard systems may not be the right choice to address your specific needs, JAYCO offers an our JCS Series.

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Standard Features
  • From single tanks to 10+ cleaning, rinsing, drying and other process stages.
  • Tank capacities ranging from 50 Gallons to 250 Gallons and more.
  • Automation capacities from 100 Lbs. to 500 Lbs. and more
  • Processes: Washing, Rinsing, Nitric & Citric Passivation, Specific chemistry processes.
  • Drying: Hot Air (with or without HEPA Filtration), Vacuum and combination units.
Options and Accessories
  • Manual or Fully automated systems
  • Bath maintenance: Filtration, Oil
  • Separation, Conductivity controls, chemical dosing…
  • Basket oscillation units
  • Data logging and access control
  • Full system enclosures