Rotary Basket Parts Washers

Highly efficient cleaning systems with advanced, integrated vacuum drying.



MAFAC Rotary Basket Parts Washers Solutions

PALMA Standard Features:

  • Built-in coalescing oil separator
  • Exhaust demister
  • Auto fill and level control
  • Instant chamber drain 
  • Warm compressed air blow-off 
  • And much more

Optional Features:

  • Ultrasonics 
  • Cleaning under vacuum (VAP)
  • Integrated vacuum drying
  • Full automation
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ELBA Standard Features:

  • Patented rotating, multi-sided spray system with counter-rotating basket receptacle system
  • Hinged door as a functional loading and unloading platform
  • Spray cleaning and rinsing in one machine
  • Stationary hot air drying system
  • Large Window in the cleaning chamber allows observation of the cleaning process
  • Large holding tanks with cascaded design for a long useful bath life
  • And much more

Optional Features:

  • Vacuum drying
  • Ultrasonic cleaning system incl. parabolic reflector for optimum efficiency of the ultrasonic waves
  • VAP system. Offers cleaning under vacuum for ultra fine cleaning applications
  • Larger versions and additional options on request
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JCR Standard Features:

  • Parts washer basket standard size: 12” x 20” x 8” 
  • Custom sizes are available
  • Integrated wash/rinse/dry
  • And much more

Optional Features:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Vacuum drying
  • Cleaning under vacuum (CUV)
  • Filter units
  • Oil separator
  • Exhaust demister
  • Chemical dosing
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KEA Standard Features

  • Patented rotating, multi-sided spray system with counter-rotating basket receptacle system
  • Front loading with hinged door
  • Large holding tank for long useful bath life
  • Removable basket filter for collecting dirt particles in the return flow from the cleaning process
  • And much more

Optional Features:

  • Rotating hot air impulse blowing system
  • Stationary hot air drying system
  • Speed control for basket rotation including rocking motion
  • Mechanical main stream ultrafine filtration with filter bags or filter candles
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World-Class Support

From responsive account reps to day-and-night technical support, JAYCO is here to ensure your company meets objectives. To put it simply, we pick up our phones and are ready to help at any time.  

Outstanding Warranties

Because we have total confidence in our rotary basket parts washer systems, our industry-leading warranties provide peace of mind for our customers.

Industry-Leading Uptime

With an average of 98.9 percent uptime, you can rest assured your productivity and efficiency is our top priority. Our equipment is designed for heavy industrial use.

Machines That Run Forever

We stand behind our products and can provide assurance that you will have complete satisfaction in JAYCO’s rotary basket parts washers and other industrial cleaning equipment. Our machinery is engineered to last years and years. Easy maintenance combined with premium support makes us the clear choice when selecting a partner you can trust. 

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we guarantee you’ll be happy with our expert knowledge, responsive reps and quality equipment.

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Increase Efficiency, Decrease Frustration

We understand that outdated equipment and manual processes can negatively impact everything from how much product you produce to the quality of cleaning. With equipment that is down or out of service, meeting customer demand becomes a huge problem. With our superior parts washer basket cleaning systems, you can maximize efficiency while minimizing frustration among employees, leadership and customers.