Medical Device Cleaning

When lives depend on superior results, precision matters

Specialized Medical Device Cleaning Technology

In medical facilities like hospitals and surgical centers, proper contaminant removal is critical to infection control and safety. Our solutions are engineered for meeting compliance standards and reliable performance you can count on for every batch of product.

Our Medical Device Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Need a medical device cleaning and passivation machine that delivers exceptional outcomes? 


Modular construction in standard sizes

Electropolished tanks with rounded corners

Multi-frequency ultrasonics

Multi-frequency ultrasonics

Multiple available ancillaries:

  • Fine and ultra-fine filter units
  • Conductivity measurement and control
  • Basket oscillation and rotation devices
  • Full process automation
  • Multi-batch control
  • Access control, barcode/RFID readers, data logging
  • System enclosures with HEPA filtration

Our system is specially designed and configured to meet strict requirements for final clean and passivation lines.

  • Versatile full modular construction with 5 to 12 process stages
  • Multiple sizes and capacities available 
  • Modules: washing | rinsing | hot air drying With HEPA | vacuum drying
  • Lift-out and vacuum integration for accelerated drying for up to 21 percent cycle time reduction
  • Ancillaries: fine filtration, chemical dosing, conductivity control, basket oscillation
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and full system automation
  • System enclosures with HEPA
  • Process data logging – MES
  • Multiple level access control
  • Batch visibility and traceability from beginning to end
  • Industry-leading reliability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compatible with JAYCO chemistries featuring surface active technology
  • Nitric | citric | combination systems
  • Safe standalone PP cabinet to pump and filter hazardous chemicals
  • Vapor control via highly efficient exhaust systems
  • Auto acid mixing, dosing and ratio control
  • Able to be combined with final clean lines
  • Medical-grade passivation machine
  • Versatile, fully modular construction setup with one to three process stages
  • Available in a range of sizes and capacities
  • Incorporates all features and benefits of our X-tra series Final Clean Lines

Proprietary surface active technology for the highest quality and performance in the industry.

  • Advanced formulas for enhancing ultrasonic transient cavitation for improved contamination removal
  • Better free-rinsing characteristics to greatly reduce DI water consumption
  • Formulated to reduce overall bio-burden
  • Biocide free
  • Biodegradable surfactants


JAYCO’s cutting-edge cleaning chemistries are designed to achieve superior outcomes with safe, highly effective solutions. We have over 35 parts cleaning solvents and detergents for use across a wide range of applications and industries.


View all of JAYCO’s industrial cleaning solutions for unmatched results.

Results You Can Count On

Outdated and ineffective equipment can negatively affect your processing times and productivity. You need systems that will help you meet stringent specifications with ease and will perform without question. You can trust JAYCO as an industry leader to deliver on the promise that our solutions and support are unparalleled. No matter what the medical cleaning application is, we’re here to improve your processes.