Protect patients from infection by pathogens and assure the functionality of medical implants and instruments, with medical products that endure precision cleaning during and after manufacturing.

Modular Systems from JAYCO ensure the highest level of performance, flexibility, and base software that is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant easing validation procedures.

Manual & Automated Cleaning Lines | Passivation Lines | Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks
As requirements can vary greatly depending on the specific application, we offer Elma Ultrasonic technology with both standardized - modular equipment as well as customer-specific ultrasonic cleaning systems for pre, intermediate, and final cleaning. Fully Automated Passivation Lines with Nitric or Citric based processes are also a key component of our offering. Industry-leading, high-reliability standardized Automation Systems with full Bar Code scanning, RFID Tracking, and OPC Data Logging capabilities. We complete our range with JAYCO-formulated specialty cleaning chemicals developed specifically for medical cleaning applications.

Medical Applications

  • Medical Implant Cleaning
    • Knees
    • Hips
    • Trauma
    • Spinal
  • Screws, Pins, Plates, and Rods
  • Medical Device Cleaning
  • Instrument Cleaning
  • Additive manufactured parts and implants

Key Features

  • Modular – Standardized construction permits multiple process configurations
  • Standard designs for in-process and final cleaning
  • Software: Xenon software is CFR 21 part 11 compliant
  • Feature-rich software with numerous built-in functions for process monitoring, recording, and archiving
  • Full integration with barcode readers and RFID scanners
  • Multi frequency ultrasonics
  • Vacuum drying
  • Dual – dedundant controls

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