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Precision Machined Parts

Highly effective Parts cleaning and parts washing is a critical part of modern manufacturing.  JAYCO offers the full range of parts cleaning technologies highly optimized for efficient cleaning of Industrial Parts. 

Parts could be precision machined parts, stamped parts, AM (Additive Manufactured) Parts, Hydraulic & Pneumatic components, valves & fittings or molded plastic and rubber parts.

Key Technologies that JAYCO specializes in are:

Single Chamber Rotary Basket Parts Washers

Incorporating the following processes:

  • Spray Washing
  • Immersion Cleaning
  • Combination Spray & Immersion Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Hot Air Drying
  • Vacuum Drying
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Multi-stage Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems:

  • Multi Frequency Ultrasonics
  • Modular Construction
  • Standard as well as customized sizes and configurations
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Chemical solutions

JAYCO Chemistries for Cleaning Precision Optics & Optical Components

Unique Surface Active Technology for the highest quality and unbeatable performance

  • Alkaline chemistries for removing polishing compounds, cerium oxide, alumina oxide, and other media
  • Neutral chemistries for removing fingerprints and light handling contamination
  • Special chemistries for cleaning sensitive glass and other critical optical materials
  • Unique formulations to remove pitch, polishing compounds, tape residue, inks and waxes
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Medical devices cleaning machine

Our Products

JAYCO is prepared to deliver top-of-the-line, proven industrial cleaning technology for superior results. Find the right solution for your specific cleaning needs.

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