Advanced Precision and Industrial
Cleaning Equipment

Adopt technology that automates cleaning from start to finish.

Next Level Engineering, Unbeatable Results

JAYCO Cleaning Technologies offers Standard & Engineered industrial cleaning systems like Rotary Basket Washers, Modular Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems, Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks and more.

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Modular Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

JAYCO has been on the leading edge of ultrasonic technology for two decades, revolutionizing manual processes with equipment to automate the labor-intensive steps. We offer a full range of ultrasonic machines, from multi-stage modular cleaning lines with automation to manual systems and individual ultrasonic tanks. Hot air dryers, IR dryers, vacuum dryers and combo dryers increase your productivity. 

Rotary Basket Parts Washers

We offer an industry-leading line of advanced rotary basket integrated cleaning systems. These systems incorporate a unique patented technology of moving the spraying system in co-rotation or counter-rotation to the rotating basket. Along with available integrated ultrasonics, ultrasonics under vacuum, vacuum drying, advanced automation and other efficiency-enhancing options, these systems provide unmatched cleaning capabilities.

Chemistry Solutions

Advanced cleaning equipment needs specific chemistries to maximize its potential for meeting the challenging cleaning specifications customers demand. JAYCO offers innovative chemistries featuring the latest technology for high efficiency and environmental safety. We care about our customers and it shows in our reduced use of hazardous substances and solvents. 

Without Automated Cleaning Processes, Your Company Is Losing Money

What’s the real cost of constantly repairing and maintaining outdated equipment? Frequent downtime and machines that malfunction can potentially cost organizations millions of dollars, extreme stress and lost productivity. The experts at JAYCO Cleaning Technologies will consult with your team to find a solution that not only saves money but transforms the way you operate.

It's About More Than Just Cleaning

We understand the challenges you face in meeting guidelines, compliance and organizational standards. With little room for error and delay, you need a partner who will provide exceptional equipment that performs and will be there every step of the way to ensure your success. With JAYCO, you can count on support that exceeds every expectation.