Advanced industrial cleaning technology for superior results.

JAYCO leverages applications expertise to determine appropriate industrial cleaning technology.

JAYCO Cleaning Technologies partners with elite manufacturers to provide superior precision parts cleaning equipment.

Our highly respected applications engineering team leverages industry expertise to assist you in selecting the most appropriate product and technology for your application.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

In partnership with global technology leader – ELMA Ultrasonic of Germany, JAYCO offers a complete range of Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment, ranging from individual ultrasonic tanks to multi-stage modular cleaning lines with advanced automation.

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Integrated-Rotary Basket Parts Washers

In partnership with global technology leader – MAFAC of Germany, JAYCO offers the industry-leading line of advanced rotary basket integrated cleaning systems. These systems incorporate a unique patented technology of moving the spraying system in co-rotation or counter-rotation to the rotating basket. Along with available ultrasonics, vacuum drying, and advanced automation, these systems provide unmatched cleaning capabilities and efficiencies.

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Stainless Steel Cabinet Washers

With a versatile range and rugged construction, our Stainless Steel Cabinet Washers for industrial parts cleaning can be customized for your unique needs. Our complete product range includes: Small Top-Load cabinet washers Single stage front load cabinet washers Multi-stage cabinet washers Large custom washers

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Cleaning Chemistries

Advanced cleaning equipment needs specific chemistries to maximize their potential for delivering the challenging cleaning specifications customers demand. JAYCO is your single-source supplier for your cleaning chemistries, machines, and applications support.

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Technical Consultations

Choose the correct product confidently with a technical consultation.

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